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  1. Hi, I am trying to generate a simple La3+, LaOH2+, La(OH)2+, La(OH)3 speciation diagram in React but so far I have been unsuccessful with my approach (attached). Eventually, I want to be able to add in other species. So guidance on this 101 problem will be very much appreciated. Many thanks! La React file.rea
  2. Thanks, seems to be working now. Appears that I entered -21.1 instead or the correct -24.1 log K. Running in Rxn and swapping out the species gives the correct log K. Many thanks for your help!
  3. Looked at Rxn (screenshot attached) and seems okay, but appreciate if you could check the database previously attached.
  4. Hi Jia, Thanks for the prompt response. I am going to add in some other minerals so best I get this right before I proceed further. Attached is the modified database for you to check. The original reaction as entered is: LaOHCO3 → La + OH + CO3 logK = −24.1 ± 0.3 Many thanks thermo.com.V8.R6+.tdat
  5. Hi, I added a new mineral, kozoite into my database using the reaction: LaOHCO3 = La+++ + OH- + CO3--. Upon entering the log K of -24.3 and the "Species in reaction" pane of La, OH and CO3, there was an automatic recalculation to give a reaction: Kozoite + 2H+ = La+++ + H2O + HCO3- with a new log K of +3.2239. Please refer to the attached screenshot. I gather that this was all done to reflect a dissolution reaction via H+ addition but I am wanting to check that I did not introduce an error along the way and I am okay to proceed. Many thanks for any advice/feedback
  6. I have a solution at pH 2 of 10g/L Cu, 10 g/L Al and 20 g/L dissolved in freshwater, seawater and 2 x seawater that simulates an actual saline acid leach of Cu ore. I have used Spec8 to calculate log activity for these solutions. I now want to plot a series of Eh-pH plots (and plot on actual experimental data). Given that there is a wide range of species activities (e.g. SO4 is mostly Al(SO4)2^1- as well is some other complexed forms and as SO4, how do I best represent the Cu speciation on an Eh-pH diagram given i can only use one SO4 or other species per diagram input on the Basis screen? I have attached a sample Spec8 input file and Act2 Eh-pH diagram file to illustrate the point. Any advice and/or voice(s) of experience appreciated. Thank you Kaizen2SW Fe 20.ac2 2 SW pH 2 and Fe 20.sp8
  7. I have an acidic (pH 2) highly saline oxygenated solution based on seawater with a range of other metal salts added. In actual experiments we also add FeSO4. We then add H2O2 to oxidise the Fe2+ to Fe3+. In Spec8 this creates a charge imbalance as there are additional anions required to balance the additional Fe charge. There is little change in pH. In Spec8 the predominant Fe species remains as Fe2+ where it should be Fe3+ after H2O2 addition. How do I charge balance in this case and maintain Fe3+ as the predominant Fe species? Any tips appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Hi Brian, I probably need to use hmw given the high ionic strength and my need to further evaporate the solution. The challenge I have is that the Fe and Al dissolved into a pH 1.48 solution constitute quite a bit of the cation suite so it is hard to get a satisfactory ion balance with removing these as I will also have to remove anions. I guess my only option is to stick with thermo (with its limitations at very high ionic strength) as you suggest and go from there. Thanks Kaizen
  9. Hi, I am a new user, so please be gentle. I am evaporating an acidic, saline water from mineral processing, >200 g/L TDS. I want to maintain an oxidising Eh of +600 mV throughout but I am getting errors in React related to e-/Eh, O2 (e.g. don't know species Eh). Is there a way to set this up reaction using hmw or pitzer (or other) databases so I can (i) evaporate to various points evaluate SI's, and (ii) using this new brine composition to examine Cu or Zn speciation at each point in for instance Eh-pH diagrams? A sample .gss file is attached if that is of help. Many thanks to any/all for any assistance. Kaizen Brine chemistry.gss
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