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  1. I was trying to work out the hmw model on React. And I keep getting this error. "Solving for initial system. -- Error: Could not open React_output.txt file. (Do you have write permission in this directory?)" My Command is as follows: React> hmw React> Na+ = 6 molal React> Cl- = 6 molal React> Ca++ = .01 molal React> SO4-- = .01 molal React> go React> go May I know what I am doing wrong? Thanks, Suma
  2. Hi, Is there a way to generate activity/activity coefficients of a leach solution using GWB? If so, could you please direct me? Thanks, Suma
  3. I am trying to plot Eh-pH diagram for Au-CN system. There is no CN- in thermo.dat and hence added CN- among the redox couple species. But as soon as I direct Act2 to the new dat file, it crashes saying "Exit: Act2 stop:bad thermo database. Act2 is ending".Am I adding the data wrong? I have sent the modified thermo.dat file to support@gwb.com. Could you please advise? Thanks & regards, Suma
  4. Hi Brian, It seems that I already used most of the 500K upload quota and hence can't upload anymore. But here is the thermodata for enargite (using the same data posted by FTA (fernando) on this website) that I incorporated into my thermodata file in accordance with the required format. Enargite type= enargite formula= Cu3AsS4 mole vol.= 88.350 cc mole wt.= 393.7996 g 6 species in reaction 3.000 Cu+ 1.000 As(OH)4- 4.000 SO4-- -5.000 H2O -7.500 O2(aq) 6.000 H+ 465.4360 414.1113 362.0154 312.9855 263.9463 221.6313 186.0364 156.4474 I used the GUI to select the species. I don't know how to pull the script from elsewhere (did not use command tab) Here is what I did: I diagrammed Cu+ on Eh-pH (or O2(aq)-pH) axes, added As(OH)4- and SO4-- under the "in the presence of". I assumed activity for all the species as 0.001. Thanks & regards, Suma
  5. Hi Brian, Thanks for your reply. I remember you citing on the forum that you could add enargite in the thermodynamic data and then plot enargite Eh-pH diagram. I have been trying to generate that diagram but I cannot see enargite on the plot even after adding all the relevant data. Could you please assist me with this? Thanks, Suma
  6. Hi, I edited thermo.dat file and tried saving it as a new file but I keep getting the error saying "you don't have permission to save in this location. Contact the administrator to obtain permission" though I have all the admin privileges on my laptop. Attached please find the error snapshot. As a workaround, I created a new txt file with a dat extension in the Gtdata folder. I tried to change the input file for the thermodynamic data but I get the error saying that my new file is not found. Could you please help me with this issue? Thanks. Suma K
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