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  1. Hi, I want to model a precipitation kinetic, but software's calculation is so slow and after several days it can't finish the modeling. Is the any way to make the modeling faster? Thanks Masoud
  2. Thank you for your response. I have specified the reaction product's kinetic rate by negative sign to set the precipitation kinetic, but REACT still considers it as dissolution; in the result file all kinetic rates are considered as dissolution. Is there any way to specifically introduce the precipitation rate to the software? Thank you Masoud
  3. Thank you, Brian for your useful responses. I have a new question; I'm trying to run a kinetic reaction on REACT (script is attached). I have introduced the reaction rate and the specific surface area for reactants. The results show formation and percipitation of new minerals (like Saponite-Ca), which software doesn't have their kinitic parameters. My undrestanding is that the software considers the dissolution of reactants with kinetic path but new minerals don't be formed with kinetic reaction path. How can I set the formation of new minerals (which are not in the system before reaction) wiht kinetic path? Thank you MasoudKinetics.rea
  4. Hello, What does "needs to be swapped into the basis" mean? I saw this error when I wanted to add HCO3- to the system, using wateq (and also PHREEQC) database. It is also happened for some other species.
  5. Dear Mr. Brian, In my modeling, I'm dealing with pressures much more than atmospheric pressure and as much as I know the pressure default in REACT is atmospheric. How can I change the default pressure? Is it possible to set pressure in commands, like temperature? Thank you Masoud
  6. Hi Brian, Thank you for your response. In section 13.2 of the Geochemical and Biogeochemical Reaction Modeling (Fig. 13.2), it is not clear that what is shown by Y axis. Y axis just has unit and there is no label. In the case that it is species concentrations, how did you choose that which species appear in the graph and which one disappear? Thank you Masoud
  7. Hi Brian, Is there anyway to see the chemical equations of happened reactions in REACT? Thanks Masoud
  8. Hi Brian, Thank you for your response. This is what I want to model; I have a rock (mixture of minerals) and a brine (exists in the rock's pore volume) in the initial scope. So, I introduced rock to the software with volume percentage of minerals (for example, 40 vol% Calcite) and I entered brine with species concentrations (for example, Ca++ = 208 mg/kg). Therefore, I have to have both in the system and constraining Ca++ shouldn't affect Calcite amount in the Basis. Is there any way to do this? Like steam flood example from section 3.11, I didn't want to swap minerals to the inlet but GWB forces me to add some species like SiO2, Al+++, O2, ... to the system which I don't have them in my real system. Even after adding these extra species this is the error that I get: N-R didn't converge after 999 its., maximum residual = 1, Xi = 0.0000 Initial solution is too supersaturated. Is there any way to skip adding extra species to the system? Thanks Masoud
  9. Brian, I have attached .x1t and .txt files. In the text file you can see the commands that I used. For example, I have 40 percent calcite in the initial system, but when I check the output file of GWB there is no calcite among minerals in node 0, step 0, time 0. Thanks Masoud 59 - 6020.x1t 59 - 6020.txt
  10. Hi, I'm trying to model a one dimensional flow through a reservoir using X1t. I have quartz, calcite, pyrite, k-feldspar and smectite as reservoir rock and using command bar I swapped them to initial scope for SiO2(aq), Ca++, H+, K+ and Na+, respectively. After running the model, using output file, I realized that only quartz has been entered as a initial rock and other minerals have not been included in the reaction. How can I enter other minerals to the initial scope? Thank you Masoud
  11. Hi, Thank you for your useful information. What is the value of default pressure in reaction modeling using REACT? How can I set the pressure in REACT and X1t? Thanks Masoud
  12. Hello Thank you for your reply. I'm using GWB Professional 9.0 (Build 4830) and it doesn't run this script. This is the overall procedure that I'm trying to do: I have one fluid composition and one mineral assemblage. First, I want to model the reaction between these fluid and mineral, and see the results. Then, I want to pick up the resulted minerals and model its reaction with the same fluid and I want to repeat this procedure several times. That is why it is separated to many steps. I wanted to make something like a package for fluid composition and mineral assemblage and simply enter one item instead of whole composition, but I couldn't do that. If there is a way to make it easier, please let me know. About CO2(aq) and HCO3-; I have both CO2(aq) and HCO3- in my basis, but I can not simply add CO2(aq) to the system and I have to swap it for something. That is why I swapped it for HCO3-. About whole the species with 1 mg/kg amount; actually, I don't have any species with 1 mg/kg amount, but the software forces me to have those species in my system to complete the reaction, so I had to add them with lowest possible amount. Thank you
  13. Hi. If I have several reactants with different temperatures, how can I set the temperature for every reactants and calculate the equilibrium temperature?
  14. Hi, In my modeling for different situations, I almost see the same error: N-R didn't converge after 999 its., maximum residual = 4.44e+22, Xi = 0.0000 -- Didn't wake up, abandoning path I have attached my .rea file along with a .txt file which shows how did I make my reaction model. Could you please tell me which problem makes this type of error? Thanks 02 - 6020.rea 02 - 6020.txt
  15. Hi, Thank you for your reply. In the section 3.9 of the Reaction Modeling Guide, page 31, in the sentence "To mix fluid 1 (whose composition, pH, etc., are listed in dataset "Fluid1") ...", what is the mean by "dataset"? Is it a GSS spreadsheet or a saved .rea file? Thanks
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