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  1. Specifically, there is far more SO4 and Na and Mg that we expected to see in the output file... is that an artifact of having the reaction occur in so many steps? Thanks!
  2. Hi Brian, Thanks for your response. We set the initial water values at arbitrary very low concentrations for elements of interest so that we’d see them in the output file in “original basis”. The “true” initial water chemistry is the limited amount of rain water or groundwater which passes through a cover to interact with the mineralogy in the large stockpile. We are interested in determining the effect of water-rock interaction on subsequent pH and Ca, SO4, and Fe concentration in the seep water coming off the toe of the stockpile. We’ve characterized the major mineral contributions to porewater in the stockpile and are trying to use their reactivity and solubility to predict the end water chemistry. I am wondering how realistic the output file is when I make delxi very very small- what is the effect of increasing number of steps on chemistry? Thanks! Allison
  3. Hi Brian Thank you very much for your time. Attached is the rea file. Allison stockpile_121912.rea
  4. Hello Brian, Thank you kindly for your reply. I played with delxi to get the program to converge on an answer (after 300000 steps!), but it didn't seem like the right answer- there were far too many minerals saturated, and the pH was very high. Thinking that we didn't take into account some clay phases that might be forming in the stockpile, I unsuppressed them in the next run. Now, once again, the program can't find a solution, and says the Xi step is too small. I am attaching the script because I wonder if there is something I am missing. Any insight you have would be much appreciated! Thanks, Allison stockpile_121912.txt
  5. Hello, I am trying to predict the contribution that a covered stockpile will make to the pH of some nearby water in 30 years or so. The minerals of interest are in the react pane, but the amount of water flowing through the system is very small, thus the React program cannot converge on an answer.... how do I increase the number of steps or iterations? Thank you!
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