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  1. Dear Brian, Hope you are fine, You mentioned in previous email that reaction (HgCO3(aq)+2 H2O = 2H+ + Hg(OH)2 +CO3-- ) which is valid at 25C, but I have found this data when I used Rxn. HgCO3 (aq) + 2 H2O = 2 H+ + Hg(OH)2 + CO3-- Log K's: 0 °C: -18.2900 55 °C: -18.2900 12 °C: -18.2900 70 °C: -18.2900 25 °C: -18.2900 85 °C: -18.2900 40 °C: -18.2900 100 °C: -18.2900 Polynomial fit: log K = -18.29 + 5.64e-14 × T - 2.788e-15 × T^2 + 4.38e-17 × T^3 - 2.149e-19 × T^4 Equilibrium equation: log K = - log a[HgCO3 (aq)] + 2 × log a[H+] + log a[Hg(OH)2] - 2 × log a[H2O] + log a[CO3--] So, could you help me to add them to my pourbaix diagram which I have sent to you Best regards, Akram
  2. Hi Brian, Hope you are fine and enjoying the weather, Yes,I am still interested in an Eh-pH diagram. Also, I would like to add FeCO3 and HgCO3. Also, is there any another program that I should use to get absorption reaction on the surface? Best regards, Akram
  3. Hi Brian, Hope you are fine! I am hoping to consider Iron and mercuric ion in my diagram but I don't want oxygen on it. Yes, the oxidation of Fe is Fe++ and Hg is Hg++. In addition, I have tried what you mentioned in previous email but I have problem about how to add entries to thermo data even if I read the Appendix that you have mentioned. Please, could you add it or help me to add it because I have hard time to add it. I am looking forward to hearing from you, Regards, Akram
  4. Hi I would need to add Hg to the thermo data. So, How can I add this to the thermo? Regards, Akram
  5. Hi I have added Fe but i have hard time to get Fe-H2O-Hg system and I don't know how to get Hg in the diagram. So, I attached the code and the diagram in order to get help from you. I am looking forward to hearing from you Akram Fe_CO2_MINERALS_SUPPRESSED.ac2
  6. Hi I tried what you told me but I don't get it. I am confuse about it and it is hard to get Fe in it. Also, I would like to get swap e- for CO2 OR H2O instead of O2(aq). So, could you help me with this ,please? Regards Akram
  7. Hi I wanted to edit my own thermo dataset to include Fe(0)but I don't know how to write in terms of the default Basis species - likely Fe++ and O2(aq). As you maintained in the last email. Regards, Akram
  8. Hello Farrell, I would like to create a solubility diagram. Yes, I am referring to metallic iron, Fe(0) Regards, Akram
  9. I tried to plot Fe_Hg_H2O system in Act2 but I don't get Fe. SO, I used Fe++ to plot it and I obtain the diagram wich doesn't have iron solid on it and it is sound strange. In addition, when I talked to my adviser,he told me should I get iron solid on it.Finally, I would like to ask about how I can get Fe in database in order to plot my diagram. I am looking in advance to hearing from you. Best regards, Akram
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