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  1. I was wondering if GWB is capable of modeling steam and rock interactions? Specifically steam at 250 degrees C? If so, how would you do that? Thank you, Jahed
  2. Brian, Thank you for your input. I would assume it would also work if I input Calcite as a Reactant but without any kinetics applied to it? Just a "simple" react?
  3. Yeah sure no problem. Here you go. 1DBonar3.x1t
  4. I'm having some trouble with X1t not simulating through the specific time range that I want it to. I have my model set-up to model from 0 to 1000, with an inlet-2 at 10 years. I noticed that when I take out my Kinetic Calcite out of the "Reactants" pane, it simulates all the way through. But when I leave it in there, it simulates to 1 minute. I have 89% Calcite. The other 11% doesn't really matter. I'm just wondering why it isn't simulating to 1000 years? I have also attached the model. Thank you, Jay
  5. I am running GWB9. I am running the simulation from 0 to 1000 years. I am not sure why it is not simulating to 1000 years. When I run X1t, it plots it on Xtplot. It autoscales itself. I just can't figure it out. Jay
  6. Brian, Thank you. I'm not sure if you noticed but when you do run the model, and have a simulation period from 0 to 1000 years, it doesn't necessarily simulate to 1000 years according to the results. That is another issue that I am having. J
  7. Hi Brian, I do apologize. I sent the wrong script. This is the script that is giving me the problems. I'll insert an initial value of 16900 mg/kg and after the run, it will plot an initial value of 71500 mg/kg. Jahed GarumBatchKineticModelFloThru2.rea
  8. Brian, Here you go. I have attached both the React and X1t files. Let me know what you think. Thank you, Jay Duero821278Utrillas.rea UtrillasStaticDiff.x1t
  9. I promise this is my last question! So, my when I am creating a 1D simulation in X1t, I am easily able to input my initial TDS values and can see it graphically starting at my desired TDS value. But in React, when give it my initial TDS value, it does not show it graphically starting at that value. For example, I have an initial TDS value of 16.9 g/L. For some reason it will plot a TDS value starting at 75 g/L at year "0". Any ideas? Thank you, Jay
  10. Hi Brian, This makes perfect sense. I was actually getting confused with taking the log of 'k' but this makes a lot more sense. Thank you. Jay
  11. I am working on a carbon sequestration project. I am wanting to to simulate a flow through reaction model which I guess could only be done using the React program. I also used the X1t program to to conduct a "Closed system or continuosly stirred tank reactor (CSTR) which does allow the fluid to back react with precipitated solids as the reaction progresses. In the X1t program, it allows me to set initial TDS, permeability, and porosity values. But, the React program doesn't. Or maybe there is a way but I haven't figured it out yet. The React program does calculate a porosity and permeability values based on fluid/rock parameter inputs which is not reflecting the initial values that I want. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jay
  12. How can you put in a direct value for permeability. For some reason the program provides an equation that incorporates porosity and some standard values ( permeability= A * porosity + B ), where A=15 and B=-5. It makes no sense. But when I do put in my porosity value and manipulate values A and/or B to equal my permeability, run the model, and plot it, the initial permeability value that I want is completely different from the one that is plotted. Any ideas?
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