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  1. Thanks Mr. Farrel! I downloaded and read the full reference manual X2T and the problem is solved. Just reduce the delQ to maintain numerical stability. Now I realized that my doubts were very obvious.
  2. Hi Mr. Farrel. After fixing the misconceptions in my simulation, the model converged without difficulty. But I came back to have problems. When increasing the size of the field or increase the simulation time, the model does not converge. When we decrease the rate of kinetics, the model converges. So the problem is related to the kinetics. In PHREEQC may establish that the reaction will proceed only if the concentration is above a specified value. This is done to prevent the kinetic runs negative concentrations in very low concentrations. You can do this in X2T? Since now, thank you!
  3. Very nice! Thanks Mr. Farrel! It's my first experience with X2T and made ​​many misconceptions. I thought by default the kinetics were first order. Actually, I found odd the concentration profile had a linear decay and was not compatible with first-order kinetics. The difference in potential between the two contours is 5.86 me not 586. Another problem in the model. Now the model is rapidly converging. Thank you! Best regards
  4. Thanks Mr. Farrell. I'm using the thermo dataset "Thermo.com.V8.R6 +". How can I send you the script? Best regards!
  5. Hello! The GWB is really an amazing tool! I have some experience with PHREEQC and PHT3D (Modflow) and am now exclusively using the GWB . I am simulating reactive transport of toluene with x2t package. The simulated biodegradation occurs by reduction of Fe (III) and methanogenesis pathways... I'm using first order kinetics to be similar to the calibrated simulations of non-reactive transport with MT3DMS. Forgive me if this subject has already been addressed, but I not found in this forum. The problem is that when you increase the value of the kinetics, the simulation not converges. If I keep a value where the kinetic model converges and increase the size of the domain, the model also not converges. Because of this, I believe the first order kinetics has convergence problems for very low values ​​of toluene. It is possible, I established that the kinetics of biodegradation occurs only values ​​above 0.000001 mg / l for example in the simulation? I appreciate all the help. Best regards!
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