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  1. Hello everyone, I am trying to include a clay phase of my interest into the database, however from the algorithm used I only get the Gibbs formation energy of it. I need to express it as a dissolution reaction in the basis terms in order to have the equilibrium constant at 25ÂșC, however I don't have the Gibbs formation energies of the basis species. Everything is referenced to the EQ3/EQ6 database, however I'm having trouble finding those values. Any light on this? Thanks!
  2. Hello katezat, any follow up on this issue? Thanks!
  3. Thanks katezat, now it's been deactivated from the old computer. I remembered doing so before, I guess was wrong about that.
  4. Katezat, to follow up on this, I was using the university's computers so didn't end up installing. However I tried to do so today and my license is not working, can you reset it again for me? Thanks for the trouble.
  5. Hello, I have a new computer and need to re-install GWB. Can you please reset my licence in order to re-intall GWB in the new computer. Thanks.
  6. Hi All, I am working on a reactive transport simulation which seems to be running ok. But when the simulation ends and I try to open the plot file, Xplot gives me an error that says "input file is not in the correct format". I have tried with simpler simulations and I still have that problem. I also tried to do something similar in React, but Gtplot is also giving me the same error. The directory didn't had the input files necesary though... (I am on a shared computer). What can I do to fix this?
  7. I have the same problem, but I'm running GW in a virtual machine on Mac. I had it installed on the virtual machine, but it got corrupted so I had to uninstall (delete) that VM, with the GW license in it. I couldn't deactivate it because the VM was corrupted, so I am not able to use my license key again on the new VM. Is it possible to ask for an online de-activation?
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