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    Reaction path modeling of water-rock interactions, in the energy industry and the evolution of the earth.
  1. Hello, I have a react file that simulates a formation water in the subsurface. I would like to use react to simulate that water coming to the surface. I want the temperature to go from 102C to 25C, with a sliding pH to surface measured of 7.2. I can run this simulation okay. However I would like also to slide the Eh from reservoir of -0.245 V to a surface measured of -0.1V. When I attempt to slide the Eh as well, react crashes and gives me an error message of lost electron component. Am I asking the software to do the impossible or am I making some other type of error? I have attached the file for folks to look at, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am using GWB professional 9.0.9 Thanks Gordon macleod_fluid.rea
  2. Gordon_Macleod


    Many thanks for the advice Brian, I'll have a crack at it. It'll take some time as I have 200 samples! Thanks Gordon
  3. Gordon_Macleod


    Brian, attached are a GSS file and a spec8 file that I created by launching spec8 from GSS, the drag and drop facility is not working for me, you will see that it is dropping out Na and Cl from the spec8 file. Thanks for any help. Gordon gordon.gss gordon.sp8
  4. Gordon_Macleod


    Hi, I have GWB Professional 9.09, I have a lot of data in GSS and have been trying to transfer it to spec8, when I transfer the data I lose some components. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks Gordon
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