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  1. sure, im using React Realese 8.0.12 build 4427 data = "D:\Program Files (x86)\Gwb\Gtdata\thermo.dat" verify temperature = 100 H2O = 1 free kg Al+++ = 1.590000e-06 molal Ca++ = 4.610000e-04 molal Cl- = 3.670000e-02 molal Fe++ = 1.240000e-06 molal HCO3- = 4.620000e-02 molal K+ = 3.410000e-04 molal Mg++ = 1.700000e-03 molal Na+ = 7.000000e-04 molal O2(aq) = 3.343363e-52 molal SO4-- = 8.310000e-05 molal SiO2(aq) = 3.140000e-06 molal balance on H+ react 3.007519e+00 g of Anorthite react 6.015038e+00 g of Fayalite react 3.007519e+01 g of Forsterite react 3.007519e-01 g of K-feldspar react 6.015038e-01 g of Albite suppress FeO© go
  2. im runming a simulation with some basic species and reactents and get the error React stop: no species why is this happening? attahced is the error
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