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    Permeability Alteration

    Hello Ms Melika, I tried to simulate seawater injection into a geothermal reservoir in X1t, with a view to determining porosity and permeability alterations, if any. However, the simulation did not converge. Please find attached scripts for the model; both are similar, just slight differences in water compositions. Could you have a look and let me know what might be wrong. Kind regards. Seawater Injection_2.x1t Seawater Injection.x1t
  2. Hi Forum Moderator, I would like to model permeability alteration in a geothermal well caused by the rock-water interaction, i.e.mixing of injection and formation waters, as well as their interaction with host rock. I noticed that with the the X1t and X2t applications, this may be possible, having gone through the tutorials on 'How do I set the Permeability?' and 'How do I account for domain heterogeneity?'. Both of these tutorials come close to what I would like to model but I cannot seem to find how to come up with a plot that depict how the porosity and/or permeability has changed due to the reactions of rock and fluids. Could you guide me. Kind regards
  3. Hello Forum Moderator/Co-ordinator, I recently got a student version of the GWB and have been working through the tutorials ever since. I am particularly interested in fluid mixing and the tendency of fluids to form scales. It appears to me that only the REACT module/application can conveniently handle the scale formation side of things. Unfortunately, the REACT module does not come with the student version. Is there a workaround, say using other modules that come with the student version of GWB, or I necessarily have to have REACT? Kind regards.