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  1. Hell, Our client wants to add a new mineral named "Biotite" to GWB thermo database. Please download the zip file ( https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p-UECLJphZf6eaaFUtb77plCg_7i3WMe/view?usp=sharing ) which has the following information: 1. thermo.com.V8.R6+_Dr. Lee.tdat <- They create the new mineral by themselves but cannot ensure if it is OK. 2.Implications of Grain-Scale Mineralogical Heterogeneity for Radionuclide Transport in Fractured Media.pdf <- They want to create and simulate the same as Table 2. 3. Case study_Cs transport_20181015.x1t <- They create the X1t file. 4. kyllnen2014_Modeling of cesium sorption on biotite using cation exchange selectivity coef´Čücients.pdf <- The mineral "Biotite" reference. Please help us. Thanks a lot. John
  2. Hello, Our client has a problem as follows: When we create phase diagram with Act2 program, we don't know why it has difference between existing Fe and without Fe. Please refer to the attached files which are these two cases. Please help us. Thanks a lot. John inFe.ac2 noFe.ac2
  3. Hello, Our client has a urgent question as following: She wants to set different minerals and aq exist at the same time in the initial setting as the following figure: After running, it can't get the result because of the too large residuals as the following figure: So she wants to know how to ensure if the initial setting is suitable. You can use the attached file. Please help us. Thanks a lot. John IRSN2007_reactive_trans_test.x2t
  4. Hello Brian, Thanks for your kind help and support. Regardless the paper, our client asked if we can enforce to run GWB and get the result even if the simulation can't been converged. Thanks a lot. John
  5. Hello Brian, Thanks for your kind reply and support. Our client wants to do the same work as the attached file. Please see the paper "page 382" about Geochemical simulation in the granitic aquifer. But now our client doesn't have the data of Al+++ and SiO2 (also doesn't have data of Al2O3 and H2SiO4), and it can't run without giving value of Al and SiO2. On the other hand, she only has Total Fe value without Fe and Mn, without value of Fe2+ and Fe3+. Finally she only knows Al2O3:kaolinite:SiO4:magnetite=10:1:5:1 and thermal database is minteq. Hope you can help us. Thanks a lot. John 2008, Characterization of groundwater quality in Kinmen Island using multivariate analysis and geochemical modelling.pdf
  6. Hello, One of our client asked how to solve the following issue (they can't revise the initial parameters or value) and please refer to the attached file: Solving for initial system. Loaded: 76 aqueous species, 70 minerals, 2 gases, 0 surface species, 13 elements, 0 oxides. Newton-Raphson did not converge after 999 iterations, maximum residual = 1.13e-15, Xi = 0.0000 Largest residual(s): Resid Resid/Totmol Cbasis --------------------------------------------------------- K+ 5.421e-20 1.13e-15 4.777e-05 --------------------------------------------------------- Please help us. Thanks a lot. John teat.rea
  7. Hello Melika, Thanks for your kind reply and help. So do you have any idea to handle DELR and DELC? This means can you help revise the files which I sent to you and let GWB can import and run? Our client wants the solution. Please help us. Thanks a lot. John
  8. Hello Melika, Thanks for your kind reply. Our client sent to me some results from GMS. Please unzip the attached file and use the files to import to GWB. In the zip, .ccf is .bud file which GMS support told the user. Our client import these files but error occur. Because our user often use GMS ModFlow to create the model and now they want to import to GWB. Hope this problem can be solved. If you need to discuss with GMS support, maybe we can help you discuss directly. Please help us. Thanks a lot. JohnMODFLOW.zip
  9. Hello, Our client asked if GWB can import the result from GMS Modflow. GMS is a software which can do the Modflow, please see the following website: http://www.aquaveo.com/software/gms-modflow But our client can't export the suitable files from this software and import to GWB. Or GWB only supports the Modflow program from USGS. We don't know if you can help us. Thanks a lot. John
  10. Hello, Our client has a problem about X1t and X2t time level. How to change the step number? It always run 50 steps for X1t and 10 steps for X2t, see the attached files. Please help us. Thanks a lot. John
  11. Hello, We have a question about Kd value as following: In the known environment (EX: known granite composition, temperature, pressure, pH, Eh value, etc.), is there a way to calculate the Kd value of a particular nuclear species (EX: Tc)? Please help us. Thanks a lot. John
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