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  1. Great, thank you. I created the new data base using the TEdit. I was curious if there was any other reason that Minteq_thermodata was not updated with the new logK. I appreciate your fast response. Best, -Odeta.
  2. Hello, I have a question about logK's of Fe-CN aqueous complexes in the GWB thermo_minteq database. Different logK for Fe-cyanide aqueous species are reported in Sehmel, 1989, Critical Reports] Reviews, Volume 41, (new data in Appendix E) which are also cited in a couple of articles by Dzombak and coauthors. Sehmel, 1989 logKs for the aqueous Fe-CN species are much stronger than what is included in the GWB database. Can you please give me some feedback why these logK have not been adopted by GWB. . I am attaching the 1989 report here and I appreciate your help, Best, -Odeta Qafoku. Critical_Reviews_Vol_41_2011.pdf
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