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  1. Hi Ben, Thank you again for your advice, and thank you for sharing some of your hard work! I agree that it will still be helpful to me to be able to build my own database with DBCreate, and I also agree that it is helpful to avoid duplicating work! I didn't realize the GEOPIG link is broken, but it definitely is! I'm not sure why that is, but I do know that slop07.dat can be accessed interactively at this URL (which seems to still be working): http://geopig3.la.asu.edu:8080/GEOPIG/pigopt1.html Thanks, Shanna
  2. Thank you superflyben and Oleh! Your comments are very helpful! I don't actually have access to DBCreate at the moment. It sounds like the best way to obtain DBCreate is by kindly asking Benjamin Tutolo? Can DBCreate by any chance convert a data0 file for EQ3/6 directly to the format for a GWB database? I was taught how to model geochemistry by a professor who has worked with GEOPIG, and she didn't teach GWB due to the lack of a readily available, up to date, internally consistent database for GWB. As such, I learned how to model by using EQ3/6 with a data0 file maintained by GEOPIG. I am just now making the shift to GWB for a job I recently started, and I found this post in an attempt to learn if anyone else has considered a GWB database based on SUPCRT92 and the updated slop files. I'm delighted to find that people have also thought about this and have made progress!! Like Oleh mentioned in an earlier comment, I'm sure many other GWB users would be/are interested in this. Have either of you considered or are either of you willing to share your GWB databases produced with DBCreate with the GWB community or even with GEOPIG directly? Thank you in advance for any more advice! Shanna
  3. Hi Oleh, Were you able to get DBCreate to work for you, and did you make a GWB formatted database using data from SUPCRT92 and slop07.dat? Thanks, Shanna
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