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  1. Em.me

    New laptop

    Dear Melika, Thanks very much for your help. I will remember the forum in future. Thanks Emma
  2. Em.me

    New laptop

    Dear Melika, I no longer have access to the old laptop so I am unable to reinstall that. Please let me know what else I should do. Thanks, Emma
  3. Em.me

    New laptop

    Hi Melika, Thanks for your reply. I did not receive an error message, the deactivate button was greyed out so it could not be selected. The only option that could be selected was remove. Thanks
  4. Hi there, I had GWB activated on my old laptop and downloaded it on my new laptop. On my old laptop it wouldn't let me deactivate so I just deleted the license. It still won't allow to activate it on my new laptop. Please wold someone be able to advice how to activate my license on the new laptop? Activation code: GUA11AL-BZV8N2QM Many thanks, Emma