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  1. Koitoliver

    Something wrong with my GSS

    Also I just noticed that when I create a new spreadsheet I am missing add pH option in the Add Analyte menu.
  2. Hello everyone! There is something wrong with my GSS software. The problem start after I transferred my student client to a new pc. When I opened spreadsheets that i had made in my old pc, at first there was no HCO3- ionic species present in the add analyte selection of the new software. I do not remember If I made a new one or not. Starting from that moment i started getting anomalous behavior from the soft when calculating HCO3- from entered carb hardness values, faulty CBE calculations etc. In the attached image one can see that the software identifies some of the carb hardness values (upper half) and attributes them to calculate HCO3- concentrations and CBEs. But for the lower half of the data, the soft seems not to be able to identify the entered values for some reason. Also all the calculated CBEs seem not to match with the ones calculated manually. And for the lower half of the data, the CBEs indicate missing carbonate data.