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  1. What can I do if the results pane show me Residuals too large, 702-th iteration Cl- Resid 0.0001415, Resid/totmol1.052E+200, Cbasis 5.618E-211 Im trying to model soprtion of heavy metals in Fe and Mn oxyhydroxides under reduced conditions (negative Eh). Thank you
  2. Hellow Brian. My name is Abel. I want to model sorption of heavy metals onto iron and manganese oxides. I know React considerate only Fe oxides. I already set my data base for Mn oxides and runs well. I obtained heavy metals sorption onto this oxides. However, my modelling considerate both oxides (Fe and Mn) acting together in the solution. Is there a possibility to include both surfaces in the programme? As far as Im told, only one sorbing surface can be included at a time. Thank you very much.
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