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  1. Hi good day. Please I need your help again, when trying to use some modules of the GWB for students it indicates to me that I must reinstall the software, annex document with the screen print of the error. Thanks in advance. error de gwb.docx
  2. Raquel

    My License is disabled

    Hello Brian, Sorry for the delay in my response, until today I had access to the internet. I followed the steps you indicated and the program is active again and on my desktop computer. Thanks for the support. Regards.
  3. Raquel

    My License is disabled

    Hello Brian, Thanks for the prompt response, I would like to use the software preferably on the desktop computer, since the laptop needs to be formatted, in fact it is currently working in safe mode, maybe this has to do with the error that the Software throws. I attached the screen print of the error that it throws in the laptop. On the other hand, once you see the error that you throw in the laptop, could you please tell me how to disable the software on the laptop? Regards.
  4. Hello, I need your help. My license was installed on a laptop, I used it until December 2018, I got it on September 19 of that same year, but these months I had not needed to use it, and now that I started my master's thesis I need the software again, however, the program indicated to me that the license was deactivated. I tried to activate it on the same laptop where it was installed and it indicated an activation error. For this reason I decided to copy it to a desktop PC, but when I entered the license file it indicated the following: Error: Network connect to this_host failed. The license file indicates this_host, and the server is not running on this host. If it's running on a different host, This_host should be changed to the correct host. FlexNet Licensing error: -95,378. Please help me, I am worried, I need the program to start processing the data of my thesis. error GWB.docx