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  1. OK, I have tried the other route that I put all files in the installation file of GWB and re-do everything. It now works. Thanks, Dan!
  2. Hi Dan, Thanks. You are right that I was generating 32 bit DLL since I was using "Developer Command Prompt" However, I have just tried to re-compile the DLL using X64 Native Tools Command Prompt for VS 2019. After generating DLL, I also used command 'dumpbin' to verify it is is 64 bit DLL. As I load FeRB.x1t into x1t, the x1t program crashed (window disappeared) without giving any error information. Need help on this. FYI, my Windows OS is x64. Tao
  3. Hi, I am new to GWB. Our lab has GWB version 9.09 profession. I am simply trying to reproduce results from Bethke et al. (2018) "Origin of microbiological zoning in groundwater flows". All codes were provided by Bethke et al in their SI file: https://www.geosociety.org/datarepository/2008/2008185.pdf I could successfully ran and reproduced results using SRB.x1t. As to FeRB.x1t, I could compile FeRB.cpp and link it with x1t.lib to generate FeRB.dll. However, I kept getting error information " -- Error: Can't open rate-law library: FeRB.dll" when I hit 'go' to run FeRB.x1t. I have running GWB 9.09 on windows 10. I am the administrator account of my computer. What might be the reason? Thanks. P.S., All related files for FeRB.x1t are attached. Tao FeRB.x1t AquiferBaseModel.x1t FeRB.cpp FeRB.dll thermo-aquifer.dat x1t.lib
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