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    Trace metals source determination in an environment.

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  1. Dear Jia, I will try and follow your suggestions. Thank you so much for the brilliant guide. I will get back to you. Best regard Usman
  2. Dear Brian/all members, Please help me at your convenient time, I will be much happy if you can solve my problems. I have never use geochemist workbench software before, my challenging areas follows: 1. I want to swap and replace my pH values with total iron (Fet) values in the Durov diagram so that i can discuss the relationship between the high Fe concentration with the fluid compositions. 2. Aluminum solubility phase diagram, Mg silicate phase stability diagram (Log Mg++/H+ VS pH), K silicate phase stability diagram (Log K+/H+ Vs Log a SiO2(aq)) and Na+/H+ Vs Log a SiO2(aq). I have tried to plot these 4 diagrams, the first challenge I don't understand mg++/H+, K+/H+ data. So I tried to plot Al, Vs pH for aluminum solubility, K Vs Si for K-silicate stability phase, etc. 1. Mg silicate phase stability diagram (Log a Si Vs Log a Mg/H+) I Have tried to plot the Magnesium silicate phase stability diagram, but I feel like is not correct. I want to know how to plot my scatter data to overlap on the diagram like Aluminium solubility diagram. Attached is the data file. Thank you. Best regard Usman
  3. Dear ALL,

    I'm a postgraduate research student at the University of Malaya in Malaysia. This is my first time using GWB, the version of my GWB is standard (12.0.4).

    The things that I want to know are as follows:

    1. How can I swap and replace the pH values with the dissolved trace metal (Fe) concentration values of my groundwater samples on Durov diagram, so that I can relate them with the groundwater composition?

    2. How can I import and overlap my pH and pe values and appear on the pH Vs pe phase diagram using GSS, Excell or notepad? I have used excel and GSS but if I try to import them it shows "the file does not match". I used notepad but the symbol of my sample is not appearing it only shows sample 1, Sample 2, etc with a micro symbol. 

    Please, I need your help so that I can continue with my work.

    Best regard


    1. Brian Farrell

      Brian Farrell

      HI Usman,

      Please go to the font page of the forum, https://forum.gwb.com/index.php?/forum/23-the-geochemists-workbench/, and click "Start New Topic", then post your question there. Please attach your Act2, gss, and .txt files. That way we'll be able to troubleshoot why your scatter data is not plotting.



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