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  1. Hi Jia, Thanks for the response. I was able to successfully add in CaO2 as a redox within the thermo dataset. And then was able to create a coherent expression in Rxn for CaO2 and H2O, however I am having issues with the React application. I have tried altering the input values and seem to keep coming up with errors, mostly stating that my "porosity of node 0 is too small". I am not sure how to proceed from here. Could you provide feedback on any issues with my parameters? Thank you, C CaO2penna.rea thermopenna.tdat
  2. I am trying to show the reaction release of CaO2 to O2 for remediation of benzene-impacted groundwater in a system. However, I cannot find an equilibrium constant value for the reaction of CaO2. How can I go about having this reaction in GWB? What is the best way to show benzene degradation through use of added O2?
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