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    varying inputs

    I am trying to equilibrate "pure" water with basaltic rock that is also in equilibrium with a martian atmosphere. I have attached a script that converges fine, but when I try to vary the CO2 log fugacity (from -.28 to .022) the file won't converge and I am not sure why. Also, I would like to add a fixed fugacity of SO2(g) to my model and understand that the "thermo" database doesn't include SO2(g). Would you reccommend that I copy the values for SO2 from the "v8.r6+" database? Shergotty_purewater.rea
  2. Is there a way to control pressure in REACT? For example, could I model water-rock reactions on Mars with an atmospheric pressure of only 6 millibars? Or does pressure not have the great of an effect? Thanks, any insight would be helpful.
  3. Yes, thank you! That does answer my question and will save me a lot of time!
  4. I see that in GWB Essentials 7.0 it says that I can copy my plot and paste it into MS Excel and the numerical values of the data points will appear in spreadsheet format. However, I can paste the plot, but no data appears. I am running version 6.0 of GWB. Does this version not export the data? Also, I am not able to right or left click on the axes to edit. Is my GTPLOT not running correctly, or do I need an updated version to export and edit? Thanks for any advice!
  5. Hi. I am attempting to simulate the mixing of two fluids (hydrothermal water and groundwater). When I plot the results, I would like to see concentration of species v. ratio of fluids. Is there a way to do this on GWB? I am able to plot species concentrations as a function of temperature, but it would be much more helpful to know the hydrothermal/groundwater ratio. Thanks in advance for any help/advice.
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