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  1. Dear Brian, I have this model and it wont converge except when I balance on Ca ions...what seems to be the problem here? tx. O.I GR_Comp_CERx1t.x1t
  2. Dear Brian, I use GWB 9.0.9 which is the latest version for release 9. I had a look at the thermo data files that I have and the folder data shows year 2012. I wanted to update the thermodata from *.dat to *sdat with downloads from GWB website.. Does this extension only work for release 10? regards, O.I
  3. Good day, Can someone please find out why this script (attached) wont converge? best regards, O.I Final scenario_1_corrected version.x1t
  4. Thanks Brian, do you perhaps have a number where I can reach you? I have also inboxed you a question. best regards, O.I
  5. Good day, how would I enter this info regarding the sorbing species on X1t, the domain only allows for capacitance value- which I don't know. I have this following :HFO 30.0 g/L (MW = 89 g/mol) and Surface area is 600 m2/g. thanks and regards, O.I
  6. Hi Brian, I got sorted thanks. Best regards, Ishmael
  7. good day, i have tried to download the tutorials and the files seem strange once unzipped. they have a .xml extension. how do i obtain the .ppt version? regards, Ishmael
  8. Hi Tom, i have a situaton where i'm bubling a CO2 rich gas (attached)in a saturated lime soln to achive final pH of 9.0 (tank open to atmosphere). What is the resulting chemistry at the end of the reaction? CO2 rich Gas Composition (mol %) Hydrogen H2 1.09 Methane CH4 5.42 Carbon monoxide CO 4.86 Nitrogen N2 0.64 Ethylene C2H4 0.55 Ethane C2H6 0.8 Oxygen/Argon O2/Ar 0.28 Propylene C3H6 0.67 Carbon dioxide CO2 84.45 Propane +butene 0.5 water pH 12 Ca (mg/L) 209 Mg (mg/L) 0.1 Na (mg/L) 301.5 K (mg/L) 47 NH3-N (mg/L) 7.2 Cl (mg/L) 367 SO4 (mg/L) 177 F (mg/L) 1.6 M-Alkalinity (mg/L as CaCO3) 545 P-Alkalinity (mg/L as CaCO3) 489 HCO3- (mg/L as CaCO3) 0 CO3-- (mg/L as CaCO3) 115 OH (mg/L as CaCO3) 602 Conductivity (┬ÁS/cm) 3411.5
  9. Hi Tom, files attached for both cases.
  10. Hi Tom, Thanks for your reply. I have attached the GSS file. I modelled two scenarios allowing for pptn. 1) Reacted with 2 g CO2(g) and 2) reacted with 2.5 g H2SO4. In scenario 1 the conductivity vs CO2 added correlates with TDS vs CO2 added. However, in scenario 2 it is not the case. This is what i'm investigating. regards
  11. Hi i'm modeling a Ca-OH water type system recating it with CO2 and on another case with H2SO4. With CO2 the graphs on REACT correlates when plotting dissolved solids or EC versus CO2 reacted. However, when plotting the same using sulphuric acid it does not. what could be the problem? regards,
  12. its version 8.0 I subsequently upgraded to 8.0.5 with the patch but the problem persist!
  13. Hi, I have a problem when using React and Spec8. When i enter the data on the basis and exclude alkalinity the % ion balance error is low ~ 13%.whe plotting this data on Gplot the data is skewed towards the cations !Howver, when I include the alkalinity the error increases to 90% with the plotted data balancing. Is there anything that that i'm doing wrong?
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