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Found 2 results

  1. Hi I am new in learning GWB to model some process in geochemistry. Before GWB, i was trying to learn how to use EQ3/6, which is not very friendly to new learner. And i was confused by the function of SUPCRT92, it seems that we have to use it to generate new therodymatic datasets for GWB/ EQ3/6. However, GWB has its own datasets, why do we still need SUPCRT92?
  2. Good Morning all! I'm a fifth year ESS & Phys major working on a project for my Geochemistry course. I'm interested in what happens to mineral solubilities when a hydrothermal fluid experiences a range of pressure drops (anywhere from Pi = 2kB ==> 1kB or as far as 1kB ==> 10 Bars) while remaining at a temperature of 300 C. I've tried to use DBCreate to create this thermo database for use with GWB, but for some reason all the log K's of reaction in the new database are identical. As the DBCreate paper was not very straightforward for someone with a very limited understanding of supcrt and previous work on tabulating thermo data in the geosciences, It was quite difficult to get DBCreate to work at all. I was able to create a database with identical log K's at all the P & T by the following procedure: 1. Open dbcrt: type in 1, 1, data0.dat, and then dpeq06.dat 2. Open supcrtgrid type in dpeq06.dat, use my modified fCON file (with pressures initially in the one phase region), and then type in the prefix of all the files made in part 1. 3. Open dbcrt: type in 2, 2, thermo.com.dat, outputfilename But the output file is completely useless as all the Log K's are the same -__-- What did I do wrong? What do I need to do to create a database that will work for me? I'm quite lost. Attached are the fCON and output database files that I used/created. fCON.txt newpt.zip
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