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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, This is Anupam. Recently I have applied for the GW-Student Edition. After verification, I have received the download link. Initially, I have tried to download the software but due to some internet issue, my download stopped. But the next time when again trying to download the software it is showing some error message "Request token retrieval failed". Need suggestion and help to learn how to download successfully. *** Error Screenshot attached *** Thanks! Pom!
  2. Hello, I am the Teaching Assistant for a college course about the Earth's Critical Zone, and we are looking into using GWB Student Edition for one of the course's labs. I am new to GWB and have only just gone through the process to download the software myself. I am aware that each verified application results in a license to download GWB on one computer, but I wanted to post here and inquire about the possibility of a class of ~20 students using the software. Is there a way to download the software on a group of computers in a university computer lab so that a group of students could use it? Or is the only option to have each student go through the process and apply for individual/separate downloads? Thank you for your assistance! Best, Kevin Simans