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Found 3 results

  1. Dear GWB community, I would like to plot SI for mineral saturation, rather than (Q/K). My GSS spreadsheet is showing log (Q/K), but when I do an XY plot with "mineral saturation", Gtplot always uses (Q/K) rather than log (Q/K). If I switch the scale to log, it does not transform the data, only the axis scale. How can I plot SI (log (Q/K)) directly for mineral saturation using Gtplot? I found a work-around by copy/pasting the log (Q/K) column calculated by GSS into a new user-defined analyte, but it would be better if SI could be plotted directly. Thank you for your time and consideration. Andy
  2. Hello, I have done a small sorption modelling (works fine) and I wanted to add some experimental points to the graphic output using the File > Open > Scatter data. I have my data points (ok, not my data points but from a paper) as ASCII file (tab seperated values, BB93.txt), but no points were displayed. Is there a way to import ASCII files as scatter data or do I have to create an .gss file? Thank you! FeOH_Np.sdat Np-Sorption.rea BB93.txt
  3. Of course its a Friday afternoon.... I am having a problem with Gtplot in GWB 10.0.3. Gtplot will not save image files from Piper plots. It tells me its saving an image to the directory I indicate of the type that I want, and it does not create a file. I have tried for all image types available. I can print, but when I print to Acrobat PDF the image elements end up in the corner of the page. I’m stuck.
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