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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, i made a comparison between the databases from GWB and EQ3/6. There are content differences between these two databases. The database content of EQ3/6 is similar to that of GWB, and the titles in the same line of the table below have similar content from No. 1 to No. 8. And No. 10&11 of EQ3/6 are break up and filled into other contents in GWB. However, the content of 'Solid solutions' in EQ3/6 and 'Oxide' in GWB seem to be the distinctive content in each database. I want to ask whether the database of GWB contains 'solid solution', if not, what effect will have on the simulation result? No. EQ3/6 GWB 1 Title including Options Header (References) 2 Miscellaneous parameters Tables 3 Elements Elements 4 Basis species Basis species (B-dot parameters) 5 Auxiliary basis species Redox couples (B-dot parameters) 6 Aqueous species Aqueous species (B-dot parameters) 7 Solids Minerals 8 Gases Gases 9 Solid solutions Oxides 10 B-dot parameters 11 References
  2. Hello, I am the Teaching Assistant for a college course about the Earth's Critical Zone, and we are looking into using GWB Student Edition for one of the course's labs. I am new to GWB and have only just gone through the process to download the software myself. I am aware that each verified application results in a license to download GWB on one computer, but I wanted to post here and inquire about the possibility of a class of ~20 students using the software. Is there a way to download the software on a group of computers in a university computer lab so that a group of students could use it? Or is the only option to have each student go through the process and apply for individual/separate downloads? Thank you for your assistance! Best, Kevin Simans
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