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  1. Hi GWB folks, I'm using Phase2 and P2plot to make solubility plots for several Fe(II) minerals, and am wondering if there is a way to output the data from an assemblage map or a predominance area plot to Excel or another plotting program. It appears to me that the "Edit->Copy As -> text (space delimited)" option is greyed out for P2plot. In the past I've used output from Visual Minteq and our plotting program of choice (Igor Pro) to make plots like this. We recently published several of these in a paper. I've attached a figure to show what I'm talking about. These plots represent equilibrium Fe(II) solubility in the presence of Fe(OH)2 and thus are not a true predominance area or assemblage map. Ideally I'd like to be able to run a Phase2 calculation and export traces from a P2plot of the assemblage map to Igor Pro. There are many reasons I have for this, but probably greatest among them is that that program allows much finer control over fine tuning of plot styles. (For example a major pet peeve of mine is that the y-axis of a P2plot has value labels of ".01, .1, etc." rather than "0.01, 0.1" etc. Is this a planned feature? Is there any way to kluge a work around for the time being? I've tried running a similar calculation in React, but it doesn't do predominance area or assemblage maps. Thanks, Drew Latta University of Iowa Dept. Civil & Environmental Eng.
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