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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I am just wondering if it is possible to change the units shown on a piper plot from %meq/kg to %meq/L please? Also, is it possible to change the dimensions of the legend border? It is currently overlapping with some of my text. Thanks in advance, BryanW
  2. I'm stuck on how to use Bicarbonate in GSS and making a Piper plot. My lab data comes in the typical form of: Bicarbonate (as CaCO3) mg/L Carbonate (as CaCO3) mg/L But there are no instructions on how to use the lab data in GSS. Firstly, there is no analyte called "Bicarbonate" so I assume I add it as a User define analyte, choosing mg/L as CaCO3 in the units column? Does this mean GSS/Gtplot will automatically calculate it as HCO3 (eg. divide by 50.04 (mg/meq))? Carbonate is more straight forward as it populates as Carbonate Alkalinity mg/L as CaCO3. Easy copy/paste from lab data into GSS. But does it also undergo a conversion to CO3? It would be really handy to see a GSS screenshot of the analytes/parameters list needed for a Piper plot. The video tutorial is not helpful in this regard as the complete list is not shown Thanks, Marie
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