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Gibbs formation energy of Basis species

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Hello everyone,


I am trying to include a clay phase of my interest into the database, however from the algorithm used I only get the Gibbs formation energy of it. I need to express it as a dissolution reaction in the basis terms in order to have the equilibrium constant at 25ºC, however I don't have the Gibbs formation energies of the basis species.

Everything is referenced to the EQ3/EQ6 database, however I'm having trouble finding those values.


Any light on this?



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Check out this paper. it might have useful info you are looking for.


Kinetic modelling of CO2–water–rock interactions
Helge Hellevang∗, Van T.H. Pham, Per Aagaard
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control

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Hello Alida,


Thanks for the input Tyler. When you open a thermo dataset in TEdit, you can find a list of references for that dataset in the bibliography section. One of those sources will likely have the free energy of formation what you are looking for.


Kind regards,



Aqueous Solutions LLC

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