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suppressed basis entry

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I tried to swap out Fe2+ with siderite in my code (attached) and I am getting the following error message:


Error: Basis entry Siderite has been suppressed.


I'm not sure what this means or what to do to fix the problem. Any help is appreciated.




Lauren methane react test-midscale-well-v2.x2t

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Hello Lauren,


You can't swap a species that is suppressed into the basis. The “suppress” command is used to control which minerals are allowed to precipitate when saturated or suppress any that might be unlikely to form. To unsuppress a mineral, you go to Config – Suppress, select the species or mineral and click unsuppress then apply. For more information, see section 3.61 unsuppress and section 6.98 suppress in the GWB Reference Manual. You can access PDFs of the user's guides or the reference manual from the Help menu of any GWB program, or from the Docs pane of the GWB dashboard.


Hope this helps,



Aqueous Solutions LLC

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