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Activation Code Failure

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I am only able to use GWB student edition on university computers as i do not have a laptop of my own. I was able to get it up and running on a computer on campus but upon restarting on a different computer, I get the following error: 'The activation of the fulfillment is denied by the activation policy because Fulfill count exceeded the available seat count.' I now understand that I am supposed to deactivate the code at each computer it is used on but no longer have access to the one I originally used. Is it possible to reset my code so that I may begin using GWB ASAP.


Thank You!

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Dear Mtruji89,


Please email you activation code to support@gwb.com. In future, you should deactivate your license on the original machine before moving it to another one.



Melika Sharifi


Aqueous Solutions LLC

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