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Setting mineral volume & in X1T/X2T

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I have tried to model phyllic alteration (i.e. having an acid fluid invading a k-feldspar bearing rock to create muscovite + quartz), and I used the "weathering"example as a template for how to do it. The idea is to have a rock of 40 vol% k-fsp, 30 vol% albite, 20% vol quartz, then have an acid fluid incoming.

When I set these volume percents in "Reactants" (non-kinetic, just simple), the amount of minerals during the simulation appear very small during simulation, at least according to the plots (orders of magnitude less than set). Along with this problem goes the quick reduction of porosity to nearly 0, which makes the simulation crash. Can you advise me how I can communicate these volume percents (and the according porosity 0.1) such that it gets accepted by X1t?


I attach an image of the mineral volume %, clearly the unreacted minerals (in the right part) are far off the specified volume% and the .x1t File.


Thanks, Thomas



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OK, sorry for that beginer question, it is solved. I was mislead by the examples where the minerals were kinetic and then listed in reactants; now realized that it can be done in Initial and that I to not need reactants.

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