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React only plotting Piper diagram

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I updated to the latest version this morning. Now I'm finding that if I plot my results from a React run, I only have the option of a Piper diagram. When I open React-generated plots of constituents versus pH, made yesterday with the older version, they too open up as Piper diagrams. Any thoughts? Thank you.

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Did you plot a Piper diagram recently? And then close the plot? Gtplot saves your most recent configuration in a ".gtc" file upon closing a plot. When you reopen Gtplot, it will use the same plot type, line colors thicknesses, axes variables, and so on from your last session, although the data being plotted will be different if it's coming from a different plot file. If you normally use the XY plot, then each time you close a plot the configuration will be saved with the XY plot settings, and upon opening a new instance it will use the XY plot setting. If at some point you made a Piper diagram and closed the plot, the configuration would be saved with the Piper setting. 

Can you go to the Plot menu of Gtplot and select XY plot? Or does that not work?


Brian Farrell
Aqueous Solutions LLC

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Thanks Brian! It must have been the memory effect. I was able to get the plot I was aiming for.

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