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Andrew Knight

Reference State of Solid Al

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To update a database to including additional aluminum phases, would I add the reference state of solid aluminum, reaction written in terms of Al+++, as a mineral species, as a redox couple, or both?

From data0 file:

Aluminum                Al
     sp.type =  solid   refstate
     [ ]
     V0PrTr  =      9.999 cm^3/mol [source: 79rob/hem]
     1 element(s):
      1.0000 Al
     5 species in reaction:
    -1.0000  Aluminum                    -3.0000  H+
    -0.7500  O2(g)                        1.0000  Al+++
     1.5000  H2O
**** logK grid [0-25-60-100C @1bar; 150-200-250-300C @Psat-H2O]:
       162.4309  147.0709  129.3964  113.2275
       500.0000  500.0000  500.0000  500.0000

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