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brendan Moran

Switching license to a new machine - won't allow me to deactivate my license

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When I try to deactivate my license on my desktop to use GWB on my laptop I get the error message:

Return failed

7466; The return of the fulfillment is denied by the return policy because max return exceeded.

I suppose I may have exceeded the limit for switching between machines but I have been in the field requiring me to switch from laptop to a better desktop monitor. I just need to switch it back to my desktop in the lab now. Is it be possible to switch this last time??


Brendan Moran

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Hi Brendan,

You're allowed to move the software three times before requiring a reset from us. You should now be able to move the software back to your desktop.

I hope you enjoy using the software.


Brian Farrell
Aqueous Solutions

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