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Hi, I'm GWB user in KOREA.

I have questions for using GWB.

How can I put 'NaOH', 'N2H4' and 'CrK(SO4)' in React in modeling?

"React" had no choice of 'NaOH', 'N2H4' and 'CrK(SO4).


Please Check.

Thanks you!

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Can you explain more how you'd like to use these compounds? What is the conceptual model for your chemical system? If you want to see the effects of titrating a base like NaOH into an acidic fluid, for example, you don't need to add NaOH specifically. You can equivalently add Na+ and OH- as simple reactants, because the only property of a simple reactant that matters is its composition. For more information, please see 3.1 Titration paths in the GWB Reaction Modeling Guide.

More generally, there are a variety of thermo datasets installed with the GWB, so you might try loading a different thermo dataset. Additionally, the species, minerals, and gases included in thermo datasets are fully editable. You can add new reactions to the GWB's datasets if they're missing something that you need. For more information, please see 2.3 Thermodynamic datasets and 9 Using TEdit in the GWB Essentials Guide, as well as the Thermo Datasets chapter in the GWB Reference Manual.

Hope this helps,

Brian Farrell
Aqueous Solutions LLC

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