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Temperature of Minteq database

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Is it possible to increase the temperature range of the database ?. Currently it reaches up to 100 ° C, but I need to perform analyzes in a range of 300 ° C.


I do not use a different database because the analyzes are related to the REE.

Yours sincerely, Gustavo. 


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Hi Gustavo,

A thermo dataset is a compilation of reactions with log K values at specific temperatures. You cannot simply change the temperature range without replacing the log K values. I'd recommend starting with one of the datasets that goes up to 300 C and adding the specific REE elements, species, and minerals that you need. The TEdit app will be useful for this.

In the future, please post on the front page of the main GWB forum, not in the archive of old posts.


Brian Farrell
Aqueous Solutions

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