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Christophe Simbo

Initial System_SpecE8 versus React

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In GWB Reaction Modeling (page 19), Could you explain how to choose or select one ion to set a charge balancing. An example to this case has been applied on the topic "Acid drainage and buffering", and Ca2+ as been chosen for "Balance species". Can other ions be chosen instead of Ca2+?


Thank you


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Hi Christophe,

You can most certainly change the species for charge balancing. To change to a different species, add the species into the basis pane and in the drop arrow next to the units and select ‘Balance species’. Typically, the balance species chosen has high abundance and low uncertainty. For example, React is setup to use Cl- as the default charge balancing ion since most Cl- is usually abundant and can be calculated from charge balance base on other species concentrations measured in chemical analyses.

Hope this helps,

Jia Wang

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