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  1. The GSS feature that mixes samples does not always work. The error message says "precip off" is not recognized and refuses to mix - sometimes. WTF?
  2. GGS error?  - When adding temperature to the spreadsheet data, then calculating dissolved solids the calculation fails and says the temperature entered is outside the 0-300C range!  The temps are in F and have values between 50 and 60F.  What's going on?

    1. geoffthyne


      Update, when I convert the degrees F to C and enter those values everything is ok.


    2. Jia Wang

      Jia Wang


      Thank you for your post. This issue was brought to our attention earlier this year. We will be releasing a fix for this in the next maintenance release. 

      Thank you for your patience. 

      Best regards,

  3. Brian, I have a new computer running windows 7 and installed my GWB 8 pro, but the Hasp is no longer recognized. The message from GWB is "cannot find license file". I have had this problem before and you sent me a file to fix the issue. Can you please send me the solution? Geoff
  4. Today I tried to run GWB but got the error message - react - cannot find license file. Filename: C:\ProgramData\Gwb\License\hydrokey.lic etc. etc. So how do I fix this? Geoff
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