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  1. Dear Brian, Thank you for the answer, you helped me a lot. And yes, you are right, it can't be free CO2 if the unit is mg/l. I have a last question, but it's not connected for my previous question. I've read that the program can calculate at one atm pressure below 100 °C. Is there a method that I can use, if I want to modeling under higher pressures, for example between 50 and 100 bar? Zsófia
  2. Hi Brian, Thank you for the helping, I have checked the GWB Essentials Guide and the GWB Command Reference but I have trouble about that. I think that my analysis is for CO2 partial pressure or fugacity, because the sample consists free CO2. But my sample constists also HCO3, so I would like to set the HCO3 and also the free CO2. This is the composition of my sample: Mg++ = 50 mg/l Na+ = 470 mg/l Ca++ = 174 mg/l K+ = 12 mg/l Li+ = 0.25 mg/l HCO3- = 1780 mg/l SO4-- = 144 mg/l Cl- = 47 mg/l free CO2 gas: 1740 mg/l In this case, how I should set it? Zsófia Busa
  3. I would like to model an interaction between a thermal water and a sandstone in the React menu. I set the minerals of the sandstone as the Reactants, and I would like to set the elements of the thermal water in the Basis, but I have a problem. The thermal water constists a significant amount of CO2. I could not find where I can set the quantity of CO2. Could you help me, where I can set it? Thank you in advance!
  4. Hi Brian, Thank you for your answer, I will study the documentation that you recommended. Zsófia
  5. I have a question about the databases, which uses the Pitzer equation. I would like to model a geothermal reinjection. The reservoir rock is sandstone, which interacts with fluid flowing. The fluid has high total dissolved solids, and the temperature in the bottom of the well is approximately 95 °C. The components of the sandstone are mainly quartz and feldspar, and a little amount of clay minerals. I should use a database, which is based on the Pitzer equation, and I took a look the thermo_hmw and the thermo_phrqpitz databases, but these databases does not contain the minerals, that I need (quartz, feldspars, clay minerals). I found the thermo_ymp database, which contains the minerals and basis species, that I need for the modeling. My question is that is it possible to use this database to examine the precipitation and dissolution during the geothermal reinjection? Is this database use the Pitzer equation? Thank you for your answer!
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