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  1. Hi all, I am running a reactive transport model where I apply a vertical and horizontal fluid to a reactive transport model that contains a variable abundance of hydroxyapatite. However, when the fluid it applied, the whole domain (approx. 800 x 20 m) becomes undersaturated w.r.t. hydroxyapatite almost immediately. When applying a fluid that is undersaturated I would expect this to happen, but over a much slower timescale. Attached is the X2t file. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Sam Bingham 2D_RTMTest.x2t
  2. Hi all, I am running an X1t model where the input solution will dissolve hydroxyapatite (-ve SI w.r.t. hydroxyapatite). There is a release of PO4, Ca and OH to the surface nodes, however there is no change in the mineral mass of hydroxyapatite. This has implications for the rate over longer time scales which is an important outcome from this model. Attached is the X1t file. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Sam Bingham Ptest_X1t.x1t
  3. Hi all, I use X1t and X2t to predict phosphate concentrations from both dissolution reactors and within groundwaters. These models include lots of parameters, all of which have uncertainty associated with them. However, I am not sure how to estimate the uncertainty on the phosphate concentration that the RTM predicts. I could calculate it by propagating the error through the fundamental equations that the RTM use (SI, advection, dispersion, etc.), but I was wondering if there is a more straight-forward method through? Thanks for your help, Sam Bingham
  4. Thanks Brian, that makes a lot more sense! Sam
  5. Hi, I am trying to create a 2D reactive transport model that has an inlet fluid from the x direction, and a different fluid from the y. It appears that GWB only allows an inlet fluid in enter through the left and outlet at the right (i.e. along the x-plane). Is that correct or is it possible to have an inlet from the x and the y? Thanks for any help, Sam
  6. Hi, I changed some of the logK's for a mineral in the thermo.dat database and realised that I didn't want to do that. How do I revert back to the original thermo.dat database? Thanks, Sam
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