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  1. Hi, First of all, thank you for being very supportive so far. I have a question related to Phase2. I used the phase2 file attached to generate diagrams shown in the image file, I have meaningful results from Phase2 cross-section and confirmed with React and also experiments for the particular condition. However, 2D diagram does not match with the cross-section and React results (Please see the attached photo for more information). Could you help me to find the reason behind the inconsistent values, please? Many thanks, Muhammet 25C__ph1.ph2
  2. Hi Jia, Thank you for your reply. I added the reaction path correctly for y-axis and it works now! Since I couldn't open my previous file and individual p2plot module, I thought there might be an issue. However, adding the reaction path and re-running phase2 made it working again. Many thanks, Muhammet
  3. Hi, I am using GWB 12 Professional. I have a problem with P2plot which was not there before. Please see the video below. I can't open p2plot window from the main interface, my previously created p2plot plot, and I cant create a new plot using phase2 module. I installed the latest GWB update but nothing changed. Could you help me to fix the issue, please? Many thanks, Muhammet GWB p2plot error.mp4
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