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  1. Many thanks! It's just mysticism - after reading your letter I tried it and everything worked out, and before that the program reported an error. I understood about Rnx, thanks again.
  2. With Act2, I want to build a simple graph of this kind: What should I enter in the "diagram species" field. I can’t enter Ca or F, because after that I can’t use them on the axles.
  3. Many thanks! The program has been successfully activated.
  4. Hello. As a result of virus activity, the system on the computer with GWB installed was damaged. After reinstalling Windows, we cannot activate GWB. Our Activation code: user Zhanna Brylyova. Tell me how to act in this situation.
  5. Hello. Thank you for your responses. One more question. Due to the specific composition of the studied waters, I simultaneously inject HCO3 and CO3 into GSS. As I understand it, there is no such possibility (without manual recounting). There is an idea to transfer CO3 from "Acueous species" to "Basis species. Is this permissible and how does this affect the program.
  6. I understood what was happening - I did not have any log K's set. Honestly, I just calculated with the help of Rxn the value of log K for 25 degrees, based on the known values for H2O b SiO2. Apparently this is not possible?
  7. Thank you very much for your answers. I have one more question. I introduced a new component of an aqueous solution (H4SiO4) at TEdit. And I wanted to calculate Log K's for him in Rxn. However, in Rxn it is not in the "Balance reaction for" list. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Hello. I want to build in Act2 a graph of this kind as in the attached image. The question is how do I set the values for the axes: Y - log [Ca2 +] * [Mg2 +], X - log [CO32 -] ^ 2? The second question is, as I understand it, the program itself selects mineral phases from the database depending on the set of components. Can I forcibly ban the display of certain minerals on the diagram, or is it necessary to remove them from the database?
  9. Hello. I realized that I can only activate / deactivate a program 3 times. I need to use the program at the university on weekdays, and at home on weekends. Is it possible to solve this problem?
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