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  1. Thanks very much for telling me that there are input files in the GBRM scripts. It is really helpful. However, even I use the Ch09-SeO4 in the example file. The obtained >L: SeO4-- are 2.465e-7 molality, different from the book (0.49 * 10-3 umol/g, i.e., 4.9 * 10-7 molality) Is it because of my understanding incorrect? Best wishes Teng Deng Ge
  2. I was trying reconstruct the examples in Pages 150-154 of the book Geochemical and Biogeochemical Reaction Modelling (Second Edition). These examples are about absorption and ion exchanges. The results I got are different from those in the book. I have attached the SpecE and database files. Could you please check and give me some help? CaMgNa_Ix.sdat fresh water.sp8 Freundlich-SeO4--.sdat Kd—SeO4-.sdat Langmuir-SeO4--.sdat sea water.sp8 SeO4--Freundlich.sp8 SeO4--Kd.sp8 SeO4--Langmuir.sp8
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