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  1. In using the thermos.com.V8.R6+ database I noticed that when I ran a X1t simulation with arsenic in it and plotted mineral solubility the species arsenopyrite, realgar, and orpiment never appeared yet there is thermodynamic data for these species in the database. When I went into TEdit I discovered that these mineral's reactions were not written with respect to the arsenic basis species or other aqueous species in the database. It appears that the shorter thermo database does not have this error. So the simulation never calculates a saturation index for these arsenic minerals because the aqueous reaction species are unknown. There may be others like this but this is what I found. I am using this database because it has methane and other species I need in it. Is there a MINTEQ thermo dataset version that contains methane etc? as that is the database that I would prefer to use without having to modify myself? Thank you, Dusty.
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