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  1. Hi Jia, That's really useful advice, thank you! Sarah
  2. Hi all, I am currently trying to plot XY scatter diagrams of various analytes for my analysis. I am trying to plot a diagram of HCO3+SO4 vs Ca+Mg. However I cannot find a way to do this, I have only been able to plot diagrams of two ions i.e. Na vs Cl. Is there any easy way of plotting multiple ions on the same axis, e.g. HCO3+SO4 vs Ca+Mg, like that described above? Many Thanks in Advance
  3. Hi Jia, That's fixed now. Thanks for your help, Sarah
  4. Hi all, I am having the exact same issue, my old laptop is unusable and therefore unable to run Geochemists Workbench. However, I can't seem to reactivate the license on my new laptop. Is there any way to resolve this? Kind Regards, Sarah
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