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  1. Hello Jia Wang! Thank you so much for your response. I have done just that and it has worked beautifully. I was wondering if you can help with 2 other questions. I've successfully plotted piper diagrams and would like to extract the values used to plot the diamond in the piper plot. How do i access these values within GWB Student version? Do i have to purchase the full version in order to access it? At the moment, all we have is a piper diagram, with no actual values to be stored in a spreadsheet. I am hoping to have the values presented in columns, so my colleague can use them
  2. Hi, I have succesfully plotted piper and stiff diagrams and would also like to plot Gibbs diagram. Does the GWB student version allow me to do so or is it only available with the full version. If so, do I purchase the professional, standard or essentials version? Thanks.
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