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  1. Ah thank you that was it! I did have an inert volume of 10cm3, and when I add up the inert volume plus precepted minerals it does equal the 10.55 cm3. Thanks for the help, this makes sense now.
  2. Hello, I recently ran an equilibrium model in React and don't understand one of the output numbers. I keep getting an error every time I try to upload the output file, so I've typed out the numbers are below. For Step 100, the Minerals in System lists the volume in cm3 for three minerals, yet these numbers do not add up to the (total) of 10.55. Why is this? From Step 100, Minerals in System: volume (cm3) Barite: 7.887e-05 Dolomite: 0.3506 Fluorite: 0.1976 Total: 10.55 Thanks, Scott Hensel
  3. Hello GWB, I am working on a surface complexation model for vanadium, creating a 1D transport model in X1t. I am receiving an error code when trying to import the FeOH_minteq.sdat sorbing surfaces dataset, and I cannot figure out how to troubleshoot this error code. I would like to use this sorption survfaces dataset as it is the most comprehensive for vanadium I could find, and it allows for both (s) and (w) sorption sites. I have not manipulated this database in anyway, and have actually downloaded a fresh .sdat file from GWB, and I am getting the same error code (shown below). The thermodynamic database I am using is thermo.com.V8.R6+.tdat. The thermodynamic dataset has not been manipulated yet either. Below are the errors I am getting, and need help troubleshooting. I have already trying using and importing tutorial and available example input files, but to no success. The mentions the file is corrupt or incomplete at line 763, I’ve looked at the code on line 763 and do not understand the error. The first and second error windows are attached. Thanks, Scott
  4. Thanks this helps a lot! And no worries, I will post on the front page from now on.
  5. Hello, I am looking to add a number of basis species to thermo.com.V8.R6 and am confused by the ion size parameter. From what I gathered from reading the GWB reference docs, it is not the ionic radius? For example, bellow are a couple reactions I am trying to add, with the new species in bold: Mo+3 + 2H2O <--> MoO2+ + 4H+ + 2e- Log K = 9.96 MoO2+ + 2H2O <--> HMoO4- + 3H+ + e- Log K = 15.97 I've attached my database and the source pdf for the reactions (table 3). How can I find the ion size? Thanks, Scott Vlek and Lindsay (1977)_Molybdenum in Soils.pdf thermo.com.V8.R6+_Scotts dataset.tdat
  6. Hello, I modified thermo.com.V8.R6+ to include the mineral Powellite. When opening a previously saved Act2 file that uses the modified dataset, I get the error "Please enclose dataset name in quotes. Cancel reading input script?" If I click yes or no to continue, the previously entered Basis data is gone. How can I fix it so I can open my Act2 files without the Basis data disappearing? The modified dataset is attached. Thanks, Scott thermo.com.V8.R6+_Scott's dataset.tdat
  7. Hello, I have made an Eh pH diagram and am having trouble plotting my samples. I've tried dragging the sample data (GSS file) into the plot, and only 10/119 samples plot. The files are attached, what am I doing wrong? Thanks, Scott Hensel Eh pH V - GEMT.ac2 SP_Sept 2020 Data_no blanks.gss
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