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  1. Hello GWB, I am working on a surface complexation model for vanadium, creating a 1D transport model in X1t. I am receiving an error code when trying to import the FeOH_minteq.sdat sorbing surfaces dataset, and I cannot figure out how to troubleshoot this error code. I would like to use this sorption survfaces dataset as it is the most comprehensive for vanadium I could find, and it allows for both (s) and (w) sorption sites. I have not manipulated this database in anyway, and have actually downloaded a fresh .sdat file from GWB, and I am getting the same error code (shown below). The
  2. Thanks this helps a lot! And no worries, I will post on the front page from now on.
  3. Hello, I am looking to add a number of basis species to thermo.com.V8.R6 and am confused by the ion size parameter. From what I gathered from reading the GWB reference docs, it is not the ionic radius? For example, bellow are a couple reactions I am trying to add, with the new species in bold: Mo+3 + 2H2O <--> MoO2+ + 4H+ + 2e- Log K = 9.96 MoO2+ + 2H2O <--> HMoO4- + 3H+ + e- Log K = 15.97 I've attached my database and the source pdf for the reactions (table 3). How can I find the ion size? Thanks, Scott Vle
  4. Hello, I modified thermo.com.V8.R6+ to include the mineral Powellite. When opening a previously saved Act2 file that uses the modified dataset, I get the error "Please enclose dataset name in quotes. Cancel reading input script?" If I click yes or no to continue, the previously entered Basis data is gone. How can I fix it so I can open my Act2 files without the Basis data disappearing? The modified dataset is attached. Thanks, Scott thermo.com.V8.R6+_Scott's dataset.tdat
  5. Hello, I have made an Eh pH diagram and am having trouble plotting my samples. I've tried dragging the sample data (GSS file) into the plot, and only 10/119 samples plot. The files are attached, what am I doing wrong? Thanks, Scott Hensel Eh pH V - GEMT.ac2 SP_Sept 2020 Data_no blanks.gss
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