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  1. Thank you Jia, this is incredibly helpful. I have been working through several issues using this simpler approach. I switched over to React some of the issues I am having. I reacted my initial solution with reactants from the source and I am having an issue I do am trying to diagnose. I am having charge balancing issues so I am using chloride for the make-up ion. When I run the reaction using 5 percent Ferrihydrite (swapped in for Fe+++ in the basis pane), the reaction seems to run just fine (see attached output file). When I run the reaction with greater than 5 percent ferrihydrite (see
  2. Having max residual issues with O2 (aq) and need some advice troublshooting this issue to get the model to converge. I am trying to run a surface complexation 1D model in X1t trying to model HVO4-- sorption onto ferrihydrite, and I cannot get the model to converge. I am having to suppress almost all minerals because I have an oversaturation issue if I do not. My current issue is that oxygen is my largest reidual but I am also getting chloride as well. I have attached the input and output files for you review. Hoping you can have a look, see what I am suppressing, and give me tips to
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